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How to NETWORK your Air Tour business with others on kona123.com - At no cost !

Our Goals

1. To entice more visitors to visit OUR Beautiful and Unique Isla nd.
2. To present an easy to use site for visitors to research and thus explore ALL of our island .
3. Assist the visitor in finding accurate unbiased information .
4. FREE WEB SITES Provided . An informational free web site for ALL of those in the following categories : Activity business, Restaurants, Churches, Civic Organizations , B & B ' s, Inns , Tour Operators, Specialty Shops. Also Visitor Services such as weddings, photographers, taxi service, massage service, Yoga etc. We will also provide our visitors general island information on beaches, maps, parks, government, schools, medical care, etc.

A level playing field for ALL those listed above

1. No need to buy additional ads to receive your FREE web site. Your only requirement is to spread the word about kona123. You can help NETWORK with other businesses people in our community. We can all help each other - get the word out about our entire island.
2. All free listings on each category page will be about the same size and rotated to promote fairness. The free web page for each category will be about the same size as others. Size and rotation frequency are not for sale.


Guidelines for your informational web site:

Do you have an exisiting site now on kona123 ?

Wish to improve or change it ? Not a problem , as we certainly invite your feed back . We can edit your site at no charge to you - twice a year. KONA123 RESERVES THE RIGHT TO EDIT ANY CHANGES.

You don't have a site with kona123 ? kona123 can assist you in building one - all at no cost to you.
The sooner you're on kona123, the sooner we can network your business.

Your kona123 site must be Easy and Fast to use- no animation , sounds, pop up ads, obtrusive back ground colors: Sorry, no dancing hula pigs, rock music, singing whales, horrible back ground color… Just easy on the eyes, fast, accurate information to help our visitors plan their fun trip.


Information to send us:
Your name
Name of the Company
Postal mailing address
Numbered address or close location that we can use for the Google direction map to your business.
Telephone line # and a cell #
An e-mail address we can use to your office
An e-mail address visitors can use to write you directly

Your story: A short story about your business.
Send us the what where - how & why data.
Money : Fees, Rates , payment method.
Policies : : Cancelations, weather, age requirements, restrictions, etc.
Pictures : E-mail us pictures of your helicopter/plane, several key employees, reservations clerk, pilots, ground crew. Of course, we will want view pictures as well.

If you're going to send more than 6 pictures, please send just 6 pictures per e-mail, along with detailed description per picture number . You may send us 15 or more pictures by 3 or more separate e-mails. This will help keep our computer guy from getting any crazier than he is now.

Other guidelines:

* No Comparison claims with other local businesses.
Such as: “We are rated the best helicopter in Kona by Height Magazine.”
Instead use something like: “We have lots of repeat visitors that brag about us.”
* No web site addresses or links to sites outside of kona123.com.
* Choice of white, beige or pastel only background. Only easy to read block type lettering.

Please E mail this to Info@kona123.com




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