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Arts Activity Page- How to join our Networking


We need the art community's help in building this free information site�
Devoted to all our Big Island Artists


1.. Studios .. to build and feature web pages for our Big Island studios i.e SKIVA , Donkey Mill and Volcano. Information on art lessons and work shops .

2.. Galleries ..to build web sites for all Big Island Galleries . Listed by location on a � Arts island map � . Each site with outside and inside photo's, directions, google map, hours , telephone info, contact info etc. Web sites will be limited to locations with at least 70 % of their floor & wall space devoted to art.

3. Retail Art Supplies �Web pages with pics, directions , hours etc of retail locations on our island for art supplies.

4. Private art work shops for visitor groups

5. Artist Profile section �
profile page of our Big Island artists.
A web site with personal profile , photos of their creations and where to view their creations.

Please send your Suggestions and Information .

Please write us at info@kona123.com

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