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Big Island Divers

scuba Kona

Dive Master Guided Tours, Snacks, Drinks, Sandwich(2 tank), Shower, Towel, Tanks, Soft Weights

$119.95 Diver (Daily rate)
Full Gear Rental $25.00

$59.95 for Snorkeling (Includes snorkel gear)

The "Blackwater" tour- Drift miles out to sea late at night, attached to the boat by a tether, and watch some of the oceans strangest and most beautiful creatures swim by.

"Discover Scuba Diving" course in the afternoon and then Snorkel with the KONA Manta Rays!!!

ALL Trips include:
Personal instructor, 20 minute class room session, 1 afternoon dive then snorkel with the Manta rays(!), which includes all the dive gear you needed (wet suit, BCD, regulators, mask, fins snorkel, weights, etc), Snacks, Drinks, Hot Shower, Dry Towels, and Lunch.

$189.95 per person
$169.95 per person (2 or more)

808-329-6068 Info@BigIslandDivers.com

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