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SNUBA® combines the ease of snorkeling with the sustained underwater breathing of Scuba, without all the time-consuming training and heavy restrictive gear. This allows you to achieve comfort and the confidence in diving much quicker and easier.

In a very short time you are enjoying the beauty and serenity of the underwater world. Snuba is easily accessible to couples, families, children over 8 years, and seniors. We take many non-swimmers as well!

Many people have commented on the fact that Snuba® is easier than snorkeling. Each Snuba® guide takes a maximum of six Snuba® divers on each tour. And, we go at your pace!

Snorkeling - $85.00 (91.09)

Snuba® - $145/170 (155.39/182.18)

Snuba Doo - $110/135 (117.88/144.67)

Certified Scuba - $110/135* (117.88/144.67)

Discover Scuba Diving - $185 (197.19)

Scuba Refresher - $125/160* (133.96/171.47)

Whale/Dolphin Watch - $85 (91.09)

(808) 324-1650 fun@bigislandwatersports.com

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