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Calvary  Community Church of  Kona

76-4295 Leilana St. Sunday Worship: 9:30am 329-1440

Calvary is all about bringing ‘OHANA (family) together! Our 15 acre property is located on land Hawaiians named Holua-loa. The simple translation is a long holua path or Hawaiian sled path. For generations, Hawaiians have used this path to connect families living on the mountainside to families living on the seashore. It is our greatest joy to continue this tradition and join ‘ohana of every race to fellowship with God through His son, Jesus Christ.

Calvary is all about ALOHA!

In today’s generation Aloha has become a ‘touristy’ word, but at Calvary we still maintain the sacred duty this word describes. ALO is Hawaiian for face or presence and HA is the word for breath or life. The true essence of Aloha is found when you come into the Presence of the One who gives Life! Aloha happens when we Worship God by His Holy Spirit and enjoy His presence in our lives daily. We welcome you to experience Aloha and worship with us at Calvary.

Calvary is all about GOD’S KINGDOM!

At the center of God’s Kingdom is the King – Jesus Christ! At Calvary we choose to serve only one God, the Father only one King, Jesus. By the strength of Holy Spirit we choose to place Him as Head over every thing we do; and everything we do to glorify and build His Kingdom and His Glory!

Our Mission Statement shares this truth: We exist to honor God and create a community where the Gospel is displayed in such a way that turns non-Christians into converts, converts into disciples and disciples into mature fruitful leaders who will go into the world and reach others for Christ.

At Calvary we live every day to fulfill God’s destiny for our land and for the people who serve and worship God in this place.

Calvary is all about ‘Ohana who live Aloha and bring God’s Kingdom into every thing we do.

Call 329-1440 for more info or email us at

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