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Our guidelines for your informational web site:

Existing sites- You're on kona123 now, but wish to improve it? Not a problem , as we invite your feedback. We can edit your index � postcard ad� , as well as your � more info� web page at no charge to you - twice a year.

You don't have a site with us ? Lets open up the church doors! We will build you one at no cost. Your kona123 site needs to be visitor friendly � fast and easy to read . * No individual web site addresses or links .

For your free listing and web site we will need the following:

Contact information :
Your name
Church name
Physical address for directions to the church ( we will use a Google map for visitors to find you )
Postal mailing address
Telephone # � and a cell #
An e-mail address for us to contact you
An e-mail address for the visitor to contact the church

NOTE: Your information will never be shared, sold or released to anyone.

About your Church : A short 1 paragraph bio of the head of the church ( minister, priest etc. ) and perhaps a couple of the others in your church community ( example : choir director or youth director.)

Page Layout Guidelines : We will use white , beige or pastel only backgrounds - with easy to read block lettering.

Pictures : Please e-mail us interior and exterior pictures of your building. A picture of the minister etc. Perhaps pictures of Sunday school or the children's play group . The senior's group or any pictures you deem appropriate. A picture of the intersection that shows where to turn is often helpful.

Hours : Worship hours, fellow ship , study group etc.

Suggestions for visitors : Dress code ? Sundresses and casual slippers? Shirt and Tie, golf shirt with a collar? What dress code will make your visitor feel comfortable ?

Visitor services available Weddings, funerals, special events ?

Tell why the vacation visitor would enjoy their visit and experience in your church .

Please e-mail this information to E mail this info to info@kona123.com

Once we build/change your web site, we will e-mail you for your feedback and comments.


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