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Hilo Parks, Botanical Gardens, & Waterfalls

Akaka Falls
Akaka Falls: Mahalo to Susan Bramm- Edmonton, Canada

Hilo is surrounded by lush greenery. There are several botanical and ornamental gardens both in Hilo and just outside of town. There are also several waterfalls a short drive North of Hilo, including famous Akaka Falls.

Nani Mau Gardens

nani mau gardens . nani mau gardens

Located 3 miles from Hilo, Nani Mau Gardens showcases 53 acres of gorgeous tropical flowers and plants. Open to the public since 1972.

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Banyan Drive, Lili`uokalani Gardens and Japanese Gardens

Liliokalani Gardens

Located in Hilo off Banyan Drive, Liliuokalani Gardens includes several walking trails, views of Hilo Bay, and Japanese Garden features such as shrines,
bridges over tranquil ponds, and traditional plants.

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Akaka Falls State Park

Akaka Falls

Akaka Falls, a short drive North of Hilo, offers splendid views of the famous falls after a short hike. The charming town of Honomu (en route) is also good sightseeing.

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Hawaii Tropical Botanical Gardens

Hawaii Tropical Botanical Gardens

Located on a 4 mile scenic bypass just North of Hilo, Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden boasts over 2,000 species. There are trails to hike, and a waterfall.

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