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Mokuaikaua Church
75-5713 Alii Dr. in Kailua Kona. Sunday worship at 9 & 11am. Call 329-0655

Mukuaaikaua Church

"What we believe- We believe in love, grace and truth, and we learn these things through the reading and studying of God's word.
We believe in an Almighty God that gives us salvation from our sins and eternal life with Him.
We believe in the Trinity which is God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.
We believe in a crucified and risen Savior who treasures His relationship with each one of us and teaches us patiently about how to relate to others.
We believe in a God who is loving, just and a warrior.
We believe in going out into our community and workplace and just sharing our love for Christ."

Mokuaikaua Church

Mukuaaikaua Church

Historical info:

Mokuaikaua Church is the first founded and oldest Christian church in the state of Hawai'i. It was founded by missionaries who came from Boston Massachusetts on the brig Thaddeus. After 163 days aboard the 85 foot brig, the First American Missionaries arrived in Kailua Village on the 4th of April, 1820.

The first two ministers of the church, Hiram Bingham and Asa Thurston, arrived on their ship the Thaddeus (a replica of which is in the church) after a journey of over 5 months and 18,000 miles. (This was before the Panama Canal.)

Kind Kamehameha I had recently deceased, leaving Liholiho as heir. The old religion had recently fallen out of favor - due in part to Queen Ka'ahumanu's dislike of the prohibition of men and women eating together - and Liholiho allowed the missionary ministers to establish the first church in the islands - Mokuʻaikaua Church.

At first a wood structures were used, but burned down. The current stone church has fared better, and reportedly took thousands of people to build. The mortar was made from ground coral, which cemented lava rock stones together. The interior used koa and ohia wood, all resulting in the church's striking visual display. The steeple, over eleven stories tall, still figures prominently in scenes around Kailua Kona.


For more information call the church at (808) 329-0655.


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