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Sushi Rock
Located in the historic Hawi Hale building on the edge of Hawi
Open daily 12 to 3 - 5:30 to 8 (Friday and Saturday until 9) Call 889-5900

Fast Guide Menu

Pupus $5 - 13 including;
Green Tea Edamame, Fish Cakes, wasabi aioli, Ceviche, Sesame Noodles, Tuna Tataki, Shiitake Poppers, Poké Stack

Salads $6 - 12
Ocean Seaweed, Mac-nut Chevre, Sunflower Shoot

Soups$5 - 9
Miso Soba Bowl

Rock Pockets (Nori) 2 for $9 mix & match, choose from 9
Rice Ahui Poke/ Masago
Rice Ceviche/ Lime slaw
Rice Poke/ Curry slaw-Curry Aioli
Rice Spicy Ahi/ Macbuts/ papaya

Nori Maki $13 - 15 ten piece roll
Ahi (hot or not), seasonal fruit, mac-nuts, cucumber
Seasonal fish, avocado, chili sauce
Basil roasted fish
mahi mahi ceviche

Inside-Out $9 - 15 eight piece roll
Sesame roasted fish, Poke,
Smoked fish, Ahi, Crab

Special Rolls $17 - 20 including;
Ahi poke, ceviché, avocado, white fish, fish tartare

Hand Rolls $6 - 7
Ahi, Poke, Ceviche, Lettuce mix

Mini Maki Nigiri / Sashimi $3.50 - 13 thin six piece roll seasonally available
Ceviche, Ahi, Ahi tartare, Unagi, White Fish

Chef's Platters $32 - 64
32 pieces assorted roll sushi
12 pieces assorted nigiri sushi
32 pieces premium roll sushi

Entrees $15 - 30 includes sushi rice or soba noodles, and tropical slaw
Thai pesto marinated broiled fish, Beef Tenderloin,Teriyaki Chicken

Dark Chocolate Cake, Mac-Nut pie, Pumpkin Cheesecake, Pineapple Raspberry Bread Pudding, Sorbet of the Day

Drinks $9 - 42, depending on serving size
Saketini Sake, Ginger Vodka, Junmai Ginjo, Nigori, Lilikoi infused vodka, Raspberry vodka, Brute Reserva, Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Mai Tai, Iced Tea, Sodas

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