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Thai Cooking Classes At Lotus Cafe

Come learn to cook one of the world’s greatest
cuisines in a relaxed atmosphere at Lotus Cafe!

A recipe for the perfect vacation? Or just a break from life
in paradise?

Learn some history of Thai cuisine, the basics of our healthy version
of Thai cooking, the preparation of a complete meal from pupus to
dessert & enjoy a delicious meal!

Our course includes the following:
1- an introduction on the background and history of Northern Thai cuisine and the Thai culture.

2- an introduction to the 15 major ingredients and information on growing, buying and preparing them in the kitchen.

3- our own methods of cooking that preserve the flavor and nutrition of the ingredients and avoids the use of any preservatives, or artificial flavorings or colorings. Learn how we make all our curries from scratch.

4- sources and information about the basic equipment needed to cook healthy Thai cuisine, without non-stick pans and expensive cookware.

5- learn simple ways to make exciting rice dishes, flavorful tofu, healthy beverages, and lots of other secrets from our chef to simplify the process of preparing great meals quickly free of all chemicals added to the ingredients other Thai restaurants use.

You will receive a printout of the recipes covered in the class and enjoy a delicious meal of the dishes we prepare. We will offer simple variations in the ingredients so you can customize the dishes for your own diet, vegetarian or other, without minimizing the taste or nutrition.

The classes are taught by Chef Ladda Sai-Laor. Chef ladda has traveled extensively around Asia, but above all, her Northern Thai roots have strongly influenced her culinary interests. The spices and flavors of Northern Thailand’s diverse regional cuisine form the foundation of her recipes. Her love of Thai, Indian and Burmese preparations, combined with her fondness of using only the freshest local ingredients create a unique style of cooking that can be described as awesome. Making all her sauces from scratch using ingredients grown on her own farm allows Ladda to create a unique gourmet dining experience that is not available in any other Thai restaurant we know of. Creating dishes that are colorful, exotic, and rich with flavor and texture, Ladda’s passion lies in teaching her students how to turning a meal into a culinary adventure, transporting the diner to an exciting place, far removed from everyday life.

Custom classes can also be arranged to suit personal preferences. Classes are easily modified for vegetarian diets. Gluten free & other food preferences can easily be accomodated in the class. We even have a series of classes for raw food lovers.

Lotus Café is “the” Hawaii restaurant for delicious and healthy Asian Cuisine. A leader in local, organic and sustainable cuisine, and Hawaii’s only 100% PV powered restaurant, Lotus Cafés classes offer a unique and special learning (and dining) experience.

Classes are held every Monday & Tuesday, from 2-6 PM at Lotus Cafe
We offer a set of 3 classes , or you can just take one class for $100 or all 3 classes for $175. Space is limited so please register early!
For more info, call 895-7032 or email us at tropica2@hawaii.rr.com

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