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University of Hawai'i at Hilo

University of Hawaii at Hilo


The University of Hawaii at Hilo is part of the state's University of Hawai'i system. While the flagship is their University of Hawaii at Manoa (on Oahu), UH Hilo is the second largest university in the system and boasts facilities and class sizes to rival many small private universities. It has top notch programs in many fields, including astronomy, marine biology, pharmacy, geology / volcanology, Hawaiian language, nursing, and computer science. 


University of Hawaii at Hilo

The University's Astronomy program benefits from association with the telescopes on top of Mauna Kea. Visitors to the Imiloa Astronomy Center just off campus will get an idea about this aspect of the University.

The geology and volcanology programs benefit from proximity to the volcano, a feature few other programs can boast. Similarly, the Marine Biology, botany, and agriculture programs have access to Hawaii's unique ecology and climate. In addition to the main campus, UH Hilo has several hundred acres of off-campus facilities including a student farm, two science & technology parks, and an aquaculture and coastal resource center.

UH Hilo is a state college with a private college atmosphere. At just over 4,000 students enrolled, it is big enough to offer diverse programs, but class sizes are kept small - the faculty student ratio is 1:18.

U.S. News and World Report ranked UH Hilo as a national liberal arts (and science) university. They are the only national liberal arts institution in Hawai‘i and one of only 22 public national liberal arts institutions in the United States.

University of Hawaii at Hilo


University of Hawaii at Hilo


University of Hawaii at Hilo

University of Hawaii at Hilo

The video below promotes UH, and also has some views of the Big Isle.

University of Hawaii at Hilo


Directions: from downtown Hilo, take Hwy 19, turn Right on the Beld Rd (Hwy11) by Ken's House of Pancakes; turn Right on Puainako St., turn Right on W. Kawili St. UH Hilo will be on your Left.

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