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Waipio Valley and Hamakua Coast
Breathtaking valleys and coastal views

. The Waipiʻo Valley is a mile wide at the coastline and almost six miles deep. Along the coast is a beautiful black sand beach often used by motion picture production companies.

Caution: Road into the valley is very steep (a 25% grade).

  • One lane road with pull offs for down hill traffic .
  • Side drops off over 100 stories.
  • Four wheel drive is a must.
  • You're welcome to hike the mile down the hill.
  • The Waipiʻo River flows from the valley head out into a sizable lagoon, and then enters the ocean.
  • Waipiʻo Valley is often referred to as the "Valley of the Kings".
  • Valley is of historical and cultural importance to the Hawaiian people.
  • Once the home to thousands of Hawaiians, it now has a population of less than 100.
  • Very fertile valley with small farms – many raising taro.
  • Many horses owned by residents have much of the valley as their free range. Please do not feed them.

Mahalo Price Family of Elwood, PA

The water may look inviting, but swimming is not advised due to strong currents.

This spectacular view is from the Waipio Lookout Park, less than 30 yards from parking.
Pavilion, picnic tables including grills and restrooms available.

Mahalo Price Family of Elwood, PA


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