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RCS Fitness Center
73-4976 Kamanu St. in the Hale Kui Plaza-Suite 205
Call (808) 326-9242 or(808) 938-6328

The practice of Yoga is about the joy of moving and discovering, the privilege of caring for ourselves, body, mind, and soul. By focusing our attention on the practice of Yoga asana, our minds come into the present moment.

Yoga develops the total human being and connects us to our source power and energy. What begins as a physical practice can evolve into an integrated and holistic approach to all aspects of life. We encourage students to explore the postures for themselves, emphasizing freedom from preconceived notions and the past, keeping it fresh and new.

Yoga is a transformative dance that provides a deep inner quality and teaches us to refine and align. It’s a way to understand ourselves, to stay open, inquiring, exploring, allowing, clarifying, and vibrant. It provides an opportunity to approve of ourselves exactly as we are right now and to experience the indefinable energy of self-realization.


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