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Do you have an existing site now on kona123 ? Wish to improve or change it ? Not a problem , as we certainly invite your feedback. We can edit your index ad , as well as your “ more info” web page at no charge to you - twice a year.
You don't have a site with kona123 ? We can build one for you - FOR FREE .
The sooner you're on kona123, the sooner we can send you business.

Information to send us :
NOTE: Your information will never be shared, sold or released to anyone.
Your name ……and the Name of the Company
Postal mailing address …..also the Physical address or close location for our Google directional map to find your location
Telephone # and a cell #

An e-mail address…. that visitors can write you directly
An e-mail address ……our office can write to your office ( if different)

Your story: A short story about you, your employees, etc,
Suggestions: How did you start the business ?
Send us the what, where , how & why data on your activity.

Money : Fees, Rates , payment method ?
Policies : Cancel , weather , age limits & equipment policies.

Pictures : e-mail us your pictures of your operation , perhaps outside and inside the office.
A picture that may assist the visitor in finding you ( i.e turn at this intersection to find us ). Pictures of the owner , a key employee or two and some activity pictures.

If you're going to send more than 6 pictures, please send just 6 pictures per e-mail , along with detail description per picture number . You may send us 15 or more pictures by 3 or more separate e-mails. This will help keep our computer guy from getting any crazier than he is now.  

Size of your free activity informational site :    Our goal is to  present  your company to  our visitors in a fast , informative & accurate matter. Initial information should be between 20 & 40 lines. Limit  photos  to a total of 2250 pixels wide or  less.  Generally, we will resize & post pictures 450 pixels wide, allowing for 3 larger pictures. If you desire more than 3 pictures, please allow for  smaller sized photos .
We do  not  have exact page size limits, however, most web pages should  scroll down about no more than 2 1/2 folds/screens or less ( based on a on a  17” screen). This will be adjusted less or more depending on the screen size.

Additional page 2 links may be purchased but not required for your free page 1 site.

Other guidelines for your web site:
Your kona123 site must be Easy and Fast to use- no animation, sounds, pop up ads, obtrusive back ground colors: Sorry, no dancing hula pigs, rock music, horrible back ground colors…. Just easy on the eyes, fast, accurate information to help our visitors plan their fun trip. KONA123 RESERVES THE RIGHT TO EDIT CHANGES ON ANY WEB SITE

* No Comparison claims with other local business, such as “ we are rated the best wedding Service by the local newspaper “ . Instead, use something like “ Referrals are a big part of our business ” .
* No individual web site addresses or links .
* Page Layout – Guidelines : We will use white, beige or pastel only backgrounds - with easy to read block lettering.

Please Email this information to info@kona123.com


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