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Visitors keep our island information expanding and current through their comments and suggestions. Send us your photos and comments about local sights and activities! We will post the best so others can see what you enjoyed about your visit to the Big Island.

SUGGESTIONS : Perhaps mention an out of the way place you discovered, unusual shop, the friendly lady, a funny story or something you learned ? We would also love to hear from you if you have suggestions on activities, tours, what to see and do, etc.


Information pictures These are the helpful pictures other visitors might need. For example-

“ the path leads this close to the cliff drop off”

“as you can see the stair and trails are well maintained”

“ This funky store is behind the Chevron station on Kealauk Ave”

“ turn left after this building for the restuarant “

“ the B and B is located to the right of this intersection”

Scenic “ coffee table book “ quality type pictures are welcome.

What pictures would you have liked to have seen before your visit?

If a picture has someone in the photo- this should be for the purpose of giving information . "Note the kids expression with these shave ice treats at this general store in town".

No “ posed photos “- Sorry, we do not need 300 pictures of husbands in front of the fertility goddess statue - giving the thumbs up sign.

Please describe what & where of each picture # you send us . If you have a lot of pictures, please group them into separate e-mails of 7 or less. This will assist us in posting accurate information with the photos.

Advise if we can use your name, initials & home town i.e “Mahalo to Charlie & Patsy, Largo FL" or “The Hall's, Lou, KY”

Please e-mail us at info@kona123.com

COMMENTS : Positive and Negative comments on a business will not be published on kona123. Why ?

Negative Comments- We believe many comment sites have mostly bogus comments. An ex-boyfriend , a fired employee , the “ Whiner “ that we all know back home , are the negative comments that you see on many websites.

Positive Comments- may originate from their Mom , best friend , banker or accountant. If you believe all the comments you see on the Internet, we have a bridge to sell you over on the Hilo side!!

What to do ? Ask the people who live here. Ask the visitor next to you on the beach or in the checkout line behind you. What activities have they done? Was it worth the money? Was the side trip fun ? Ask the cashier at the local shop what restaurants does her family like ?

A Pattern of negative comments on any business. However, if we do receive a pattern of negative comments, we will forward the batch to that business. Perhaps it will give them something to work on with some encouragement from us. Your e-mail address and name is for our use ONLY. A continued pattern of negative feedback gives kona123 the right to delete any business from the site.

CORRECTIONS : Finally, if you spot a fact that may need to be corrected, please let us know.
Prices higher than what is listed? Please advise if rates or items are more than 10% different than what we have listed.
Please e-mail us at info@kona123.com

And most of all- thanks for visiting kona123.com!



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